Apr 21, 2015

Gorilla Trekking Etiquette

written by muka

Happy Tuesday!

This video of a gorilla , charging at a young girl who was beating her chest and mimicking gorilla movements behind a glass window , at a zoo in Australia went viral this past weekend . At first it may seem hilarious  , but the little girl was reportedly traumatised after the experience and we don’t blame her as it really could have ended disastrously .

Was it her fault ? Can you mimic a gorilla while it’s watching you ?

Well if you’re planning a gorilla trekking trip soon , have a look at our top tips ; (you’ll thank us later )

1. If you have a cold, flu or other contagious infection,  you should NOT go gorilla trekking, the gorillas are very susceptible to catching human infections and even a common cold could eventually prove life-threatening.

2. Wear appropriate clothing , it’s called trekking for a reason! The paths can be slippery , muddy and steep, and you will be surrounded by dense vegetation , so wear long trousers , a water proof jacket/poncho , some sturdy gardening gloves and of course walking boots. (Millets UK , are usually well stocked on Safari gear)

3. Pay attention and listen to your guide, you should not make sudden movements and also try to keep your voices low , the gorillas are not tame so anything could happen.

4. Whilst taking photos , take the flash off as this could startle the gorillas.

5. You should always keep a distance of 7 metres from the gorillas , even if they move towards you , try to move away

6. Don’t stare into a gorillas eyes, or run from them .

7. Do not eat or drink infront of the gorillas.

8. Try to carry out some research about the gorilla group you will be visiting as it is possible to request to see a particular group.

9. Try to carry out some exercise before your trekking trip, to up your fitness levels ,  so as not to slow down the rest of the group

10. Trying to mimic and beating your chest at the gorillas is at your own risk !

The young girl can be seen playfully beating her chest

The young girl can be seen playfully beating her chest

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