May 22, 2015


written by muka

Ibyi Iwacu Cultural village is a popular tourist attraction for tourists that are interested in Rwanda’s history and culture, Uber Luxe Safaris also provides this tour as either a single activity or combined with others, we can tweak the package to your interests.

This is a changing traditional perception of what constitutes tourism by turning fate into fame through sharing various aspects of rural cultures and livelihoods into tourist attractions and creating income-generating activities for rural poor people that have lived on bush meat, poaching for generations.

The village provides tourists experiences beyond wildlife viewing, the people, culture and how they live. The village also gives a chance to the visitors to enjoy the eight different local dances, listen to Gorilla songs, local food preparations, visit the local healer, visit the king’s place, bow and arrow shooting and get to hear all the old stories about Rwanda.

In particular, the Ibyi Iwacu cultural village aim has been targeting poachers to curb down poaching acts in the Volcanoes National park, provide alternatives ways of alleviating poverty which is a root cause for poaching to improving community livelihood and increasing conservation education, awareness and involvement within the community.

The funds from the Ibyi Iwacu cultural village activities have been allocated to developing initiatives and supporting community projects around volcanoes national park aimed at enriching local people through providing linkages and incentives for conservation around Volcanoes National Park.

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